Frontline Supervisor Training

Best Practices ... Simplified. 
9.29.2021 - 9.30.2021
ABC Central Florida

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September 29 - 30, 2021
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September 29 - 30, 2021
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November 3 - 4, 2021
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“This course touched on a variety of points that will benefit the company as a whole so that frontline leaders and office management can work together to make a project run safer, more effective, and hopefully with a positive outcome resulting in profits. I will recommend to management to send more frontline leaders and office personnel to take this course." 
Eduardo Morales
Project Manager

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Training Instructor

Trestles Frontline Supervisor Training Instructor
Ken McKenzie
Director of Talent Development

Course Modules

Day 1
Planning & Scheduling
Focuses on the tools & techniques necessary to effectively plan, organize, and execute a specific scope of work (work package) utilizing Short Interval Scheduling (SIS) and "Last Planner" methods.
Labor Management & Productivity
Demonstrates the tools & techniques necessary to manage the crew and assure the work is being efficiently executed at the highest possible level.
Day 2
Continuous Improvement
Understanding it is not as a program but as a way of thinking about doing the work. Helping lead the crew in identifying opportunities for improvement.
Effective Leadership
Helps FLS gain confidence in leading and inspiring their crew. Learning to see the difference between demanding production and inspiring performance.

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